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Yes people, “the everyman’s supercar is back.” The Acura NSX should hit the streets within three years or so. Although the model unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show is only a concept, there are claims that Honda will stay true to the design for the production model. So, what can be expected from this engineering marvel besides it sleek sexy curves?

The new NSX will still come with a V6 mid-mounted engine that is estimated to be around 360hp – 400hp. There will be an electric motor in the gearbox to further enhance the V6. It will have a dual clutch system for instant and fluid shifts.There will also be two electric motors in the front, one for each wheel. These small electric motors will allow for independent  drive to each wheel. The new NSX will utilize Acura’s SH-AWD technology (Super Handling – All Wheel Drive). With its power to weight ratio I expect top-notch cornering with supercar acceleration and handling with hybrid technology efficiency.

So how much is the NSX going to set you back? The internet is bombarded with claims that the New NSX would cost a mere $33k – $35k USD. This is outrageous and just rubbish. I do not see the logic in this pricing. The original NSX was in the near 70k – 90k range during it’s production. So, it’s hard to imagine its successor to be in the same price category as the TSX. I’m predicting that the price is going to be in the range of the Nissan GT-R (90k – 100k).

It’s future is still unclear but I’m anxious to see what the new NSX can do and give. It will need to flex serious muscle and flash to stay afloat and be competitive against the likes of the  Audi R8 and the Nissan GT-R, who is already sitting on the throne by its own right. Honda, over the past decade is somewhat of a disappointment. In my opinion their designs lack innovation and their brand image is slipping and becoming more and more of an afterthought. Their last attempt at resurrecting an oldie but goodie, the CRX with the CRZ has not created the buzz they hope.

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