R1 Concepts 2nd Annual Open House

R1 Concepts 2nd Annual Open House

What a crazy event! On September 28th 2013, we hosted our 2nd Annual R1 Concepts Open House here at the R1 Concepts headquarters. With the help of social media and the love of our supporters, this event blew up like Paul Walker and his Eclipse in “The Fast and The Furious”. In the world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, our event banners were rapidly shared by fans, friends, and followers. At this point we knew it was going to be a big turnout.

All of R1 Top Models came together to party one last time for the summer. Melyssa Grace, Brittani Paige, Lori Lin, and Amber Alvarez were busy entertaining the crowd throughout the day while DJ GOLD EFX thumping beats in the background!

Left to Right: Brittani Paige, Melyssa Grace, Amber Alvarez

Brittani Paige

Amber Alvarez

Melyssa Grace, Brittani Paige, Amber Alvarez and Lori Lin


The Stunning Melyssa Grace came rolling in with her Audi R8! We were hoping to see her roll up in her Drift Machine Nissan 240sx. It’s RARE to find a model that is a true car enthusiast.

Melyssa Grace and her personal Audi R8

Hot Import Nights also brought some HIN models to come party with us. Gwendolynne Gee, Chelsea Lee and Erica Law were out entertaining attendees while passing out flyers for Hot Import Nights @ the Auto Club Speedway Saturday October 19th.

HIN Model: Gwendolynne Gee

HIN Model : Erica Law

Special Guest Appearance of the Lovely Lily Evans

With over 120+ registered cars for the show and a ton of auto enthusiasts in attendance, we saw every style of cars out here. Everything from JDM, Euro, American Muscle, Off-Road Trucks, VIP, and Stance built cars came out. Knowing we were doing trophies for 12 categories, and having to judge all the registered cars, it was going to be very tough to judge all the amazing cars.

By the end of the day, all the judges came to conclusion that we needs more categories. More categories means more trophies! But no fear, we’re already planning for next years event— more categories for everyone to go after! Here’s just a few cars that came out to show off their rides.

While scoping out the cars throughout the street we noticed we seen a few of our customers rockin’ their Custom R1 Concepts Rotors.


Kuya Protection’s Big Abe flossin’ the R1Concept Big Brake Kit with custom engraved rotors!

We had a raffle with plenty of giveaways, provided by us and the fellow vendors that helped donated. All proceeds will be given to the charity ‘Cruise for a Cause’ which support Breast and Prostate Cancer Research.  R1 Concepts tripled the amount of proceeds through our raffle which resulted in over a total of $1300 worth of donations.

We want to give a big shout out to the vendors involved in the R1 Movement and those who have donated towards the show. Thank you Mod Bargains, Limitless Society, Nutek Wheels, Hollux Industries, Klouds Vapor, Concept III and Extreme Autowerks.


 We also want to thank all that were in attendance and supporting the show. Here’s a full list of the Teams/Crews who came out to show off their clean rides:  Ar-K-an, Descendants, Platinum VIP, Kingsmens, Illogic Werks, Showcase, Adixion, Autofusion, Atari Squad, Chapter 11, West Collective, Infamous, CaliLancers, Swift, Sunnyside, Supreme Society, Forged Stangs, Nutek Forged Wheels, Revo, Blur, 742 Marketing, Iconic, BP VIP, Emperor, Euro Goonz, JDM Addiction, DDR, Limitless Society, Concept III and Scion Image.

Be prepared for R1 Concepts’ 3rd Annual Car Show. Expect more trophies, giveaways, food, a bigger location and more stunning models…It’s going to be BIGGER & BETTER. We can’t wait for the next party. Stay tuned via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be up-to-date for our next show and events.

 Full Gallery Below:

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