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R1 Concepts Quality 101

R1 Concepts were founding upon the idea of bringing quality products at affordable prices. Something our team here lives by. What makes our rotors different in quality then our competitors? We have our own machine shop at our facility. That may sound like much, but it makes a world of a difference. By machining the rotors at our facility quality control is strictly managed. Unlike most other vendors we take precautions when producing these rotors. When you put drill patterns on a rotor they should not hit the internal vanes of a rotor. That will cause the rotors to significantly lose its tensile strength. We have seen badly machined rotors that hit 20 out of 32 vanes in some companys rotors. Meaning over 20% of the material holding the two plates are removed. That is a severe safety issue and should never be put on your car.

Remember with R1 Concepts, you can feel at ease with your purchase. Every single rotor we ship out has went through our quality control system.

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