R1 Concepts’ Model: Amy Fay Private Interview & Pictures

Amy Fay

We were out looking for a new face to be our official 2009 R1 Model. We wanted to give an opportunity to a lady who wants to be in the import modeling scene but never tried it. We also wanted to see how far R1 Concepts can help her. We had lots of ladies that applied but we could only pick one to be an official 2009 R1 Concepts model. Out of everyone, Amy Fay stood out the best. When I got the chance to meet her, she’s nothing but a sweetheart. We had Amy do her debut at our booth at HIN Night Shift car show to see how the crowd reacts to her. The end result turn out that everyone couldn’t get enough of her. I was getting emails, phone calls, and blog responces asking whose the new girl at the R1 booth. We even had Sasha Singleton and Alex Lynn, 2 famous faces in the import modeling scene, but people wanted to see more of Amy. You will see more of her at our car show booths and coverage next year in 2009. Be sure to drop by!


Hello Miss Amy Fay, how are you doing today?

Hello! Im doing great!

You did your first ever car show and it was with us, so how was it?

The best first experience ever! I got a chance to meet with Sasha Singleton, Alex Lynn, and the wonderful men of R1 Concepts!

You’ve worked the booth like a pro. Everyone that dropped by loved your appearance. Did you get any bad experience from any of the car show attendees?

AHAHA. Oh man, I can’t explain. I had a guy walking back and forth to the booth, asking me if I would try my tongue ring on him….

What the… you have a tongue ring? NICE!

Yess! It glows in the dark!

No wonder.. it was HIN “Night” Shift. Haha. So what would you say is your best feature?

I love my nose! It’s not the average vietnamese round noses. Hehe.

Maybe it’s the French side of you.

Haha… Thats what my dad says.

So what does Miss Amy Fay do for fun?

I ride a RIPSTICK!

What’s a ripstick? Is it something perverted?

Hahahahaha… It’s like a skateboard with roller blades. Haha… dirty!

Oh… my bad. Never heard of it. What about cars… if you could have any car you want, what would it be?

Audi R8… yummm! A mini one!

Wow… you’ve got nice taste. That car will be perfect for you since your a shorty!

Haha.. of course!

What does a guy have to do to earn your heart? Besides having a Mini R8.

Haha… a guy who is funny enough to make me laugh and fart at the same time! Oh so romantic.

Oh… I’ve done that to girls before. But once I hear them fart… I’m outs!


Let’s do “Favorite” questions.


Whats your favorite foods?

I love Thai food.

What about favorite song?

Too much to choose from.

Favorite color?

Maroon, pink, and turqouise.

Let me hear you say something in Vietnamese.

Cho…. haha.

Did you just call me a dog?

Hahaha… maybe. Just kidding!

If you were to make me dinner, what would you cook for me that you actually know how to.

Mac n’ Cheese baby!

With bacon?

Yes! Whatever you like, just like the song.

That’s what I’m talking about! Patron on ice… something something… you can have whatever you like! OOPS… sorry. Ok.. back to the interview.


What are you going to be this halloween?

A tribal indian.


Ahahaha… sure, skankier version!

This is why I love halloween. Ok lets do some “Have you ever” questions.


Have you ever kissed a girl?

And I liked it! Yes I have.

Have you ever actually laughed and farted at the same time? Sorry I really had to ask.

Yes! And like a small burp too!

I guess thats hot. Have you ever gotten a F in highschool?


What class?

U.S. History. I just got lazy.

Have you ever slap a guy in the face?


My eye is still black from it.. thanx!

That was an accident… you walked into my fist. 

Ok think we’re done here. Any last words?

Stacks on deck,

Patrone on ice,

And we can pop bottles all night,

Baby you could have whatever you like… I said you could have whatever you like!

What a show off! Had to show me how’s it done. Guess I found one of your favorite songs.



R1 Concepts Model: Amy Fay

Height: 5’2

Measurements: 32-26-30 (I think)

Sign: Goat… jk. Capricorn

Hometown: The O.C.

Nationality: Vietnamese/French

Special Thanks: To my beautiful Mother and my Daddy. Also to everyone who plays a special part in my life.

Website: http://www.myspace.com/aimmy_


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  1. Chris October 13, 2008 at 11:01 pm #

    she’s hott!!!

  2. gb October 29, 2008 at 9:48 pm #

    More close up pictures of Amy Fay.

    You could see her tongue ring on one of them.


    Do you guys have a list of upcoming shows you’ll be attending in Southern California?


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