R1 Concepts Inc. has gone GREEN

Here at R1 Concepts Inc., we are doing our part to save the planet. I’m a true believer that a company, let alone a person can make a big impact to our Earth. Global warming has been an issue for a long time and now the government and the World knows the damage we are causing. We are now seeing the effects from it all and what will lie ahead if we don’t change our ways soon. From the rapid melting ice caps in the Arctics, to higher temperatures which effects crops, higher water levels, extinction of animals, and many more.



Here are some of the few things R1 Concepts Inc. is doing to help:


1. Recycle – We recycle everything that is recycable. From cardboard boxes, plastic wraping, anything plastic, styrofoam, wood pallets, scrap metal, scrap iron, paper, magazines, books, anything recycable we will recycle it. No matter how big or small it is we recycle everything. We also recycle old rotors, if you have old rotors, instead of throwing it in the trash, you can give it to us to recycle them. We even recycle the water that comes out of our fish tanks thats in our offices.


2. Energy Saving –  All of our office lights we use EngerySaving light bulbs. For the warehouse we only use certain lights that is needed. We had skylights installed to elimate the need to use lights during the day.  We turn off all computers and printers after our business hours. Did you know if you leave your computer on each day you will waste an average of $60 a year. All of our air conditioning are set at 75 degrees. We also had the roof on our building redone. Now theres a silver polyurethance coating that helps reflect the sunbeams and heat off the building like a mirror. So we dont have to use much of the airconditioning in the warehouse.


3. Car Pooling – We have a car pooling system here at R1 Concepts Inc. and 50% of our employees are doing it. So we are driving less and also saving a ton of money on gas since gas are so expensive. Did you know that a worker spends an average of 47 hours per year, thats almost 2 days, commuting through rush traffic.


4. Digital – We try to avoid using paper. So we try to do everything using the computer. From saving files, receiving statements, billing, fax, reviewing documents on screen before printing, just anything to avoid using paper.


5. Use Recycled Material –  When we do use paper we buy recycled paper. We also use 20% recycled cardboard boxes for our packaging.


6. Limit Trash – With all the recycling and not wasting extra materials, we really limited our waste. We use to have 2 big trash cans (about 75inches by 45inches) which were picked up twice a week. Now we have only one big trash can that is picked up twice a week. So we have dropped our amount of trash by half. We are aiming to have the big trash can picked up only once a week.


We are still finding ways to stay green. If you have more suggestions, ideas, or comments please let us know. Please find it in your heart to do your part to stay green. Mother nature has given us so much, it’s time to give back. I’ve met a lot of people that don’t recycle at all, that will be a good start. There are many more tips on ways to stay green not just at the work place, but everywhere.




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