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Premier Rotor Debut

R1 Concepts Premier Series Rotors

The R1 Concepts Premier High Carbon brake rotor is a high quality performance rotor that meets or exceeds O.E specifications. With braking performance that delivers a consistent braking power, in any driving condition while providing the reliability that you expect from a performance brake rotor. If you are looking for either a replacement or a high performance rotor, the R1concepts Premier High Carbon Rotor is the right choice for you.


• The double disk ground finish eliminates run out and any disc thickness variation issues. Double disc grinding produces a non-directional finish for improved rotor and pad break-in.


• Premier Rotors have exclusive diamond slotted design. Allows heat to escape and assist in reducing the rotor temperature. This is also used as a wear indicator.


• Precision Drilled Holes are counter-sunk to prevent cracking and smoother brake pad bed-in.


• Black Electro-Coating is applied to the hub & inner vanes. This coating is long lasting corrosion protection against rusting.



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