OMG, Bernie Mac is Dead!

Bernie Mac, winner of countless awards and nominations for his role in “The Bernie Mac Show” is one of the best comedian that ever lived. His humor is often crude and can be offensive but there is a lot of truth in his acts. He also starred and guest starred in over 27 major Hollywood films.

 If you don’t already know, Bernie Mac passed away on August 9, from complications of pneumonia which many believe is related to the sarcoidosis (an inflammatory lung disease that produces tiny lumps of cells in the body’s organs) he suffered years earlier. Just one day after Bernie Mac’s death it was announced that hall of fame recording artist Isaac Hayes passed away at the age of  65. Even those who are not familiar with Isaac Hayes know him for his theme song from the movie Shaft. Many young people know Hayes for his voice as Chef in the animation series, South Park.

 I came across the creepiest thing while searching the internet after I got the news that Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes have both passed away. I came across a picture of  Bernie Mac, Isaac Hayes, and Samuel L Jackson standing from left to right. The picture is just eerie and spooky to look at given the fact that Bernie Mac passed away and just a day later Isaac Hayes passed away. All I can think when looking at the photo is “oh my god, what if Samuel Jackson is next.”

Bernie Mac recently finished the up coming comedy, Soul Men ,co-starring Samuel L Jackson and guest appearance by Isaac Hayes. This movie will probably do well at the box office in similar fashion as The Dark Knight, starring the late Heath Ledger. The buzz about Ledger’s death gave the movie it’s luring aspect. No doubt, it will do the same for Bernie Mac.

 R.I.P., Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes, you will be miss.

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