NFL Fantasy Fever

As the NFL season draws near, there are a lot of football fans and even non football fans, are preparing for Fantasy Football.  Fantasy Football is almost as popular as the actual sport with many fans studying every team and player so that they may have the ulitmate fantasy team. 

If you never played Fantasy Football then it is quite easy play and even get addicted especially if you are already a football fan.  You basically choose players for your team regardless of what NFL team they play for and you gain points for every stat that your player gets for that week.  It is fun to keep up with the players who are on your team and watch them perform when the games are on tv.  If you are a fan of the sport then you should at least try to play in a fantasy league.  Most leagues are free to play online and it’s easy to register.  Some people are hardcore and are in multiple leagues but if your a beginer then one league is enough.  Good luck everyone.

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