NBA’s All Time Career Leaders

In the NBA, there are games where a basketball player can score really high like Kobe Bryant’s 81 point game or have a high rebound game like Dwight Howard of 24 rebounds or a 20 assist game from Chris Paul. It’s amazing to see these basketball stars show their talent on the court.  These high categories can really contribute to a team and win games.

This reminds me of my fantasy basketball league I’m playing right now. How it works is a team is created starting from a draft and every week a team competes against another team called a “match up”. The score is counted by categories in FG%, FT%, 3PT%, points, rebounds, assist, steals, blocks, and turnovers. Whoever wins the most categories, wins the match up. Each category counts as 1 point. The points are added until the end of the season and whoever scores the highest wins.

Since it can be really important in each category, I started to do some research about the best all time career in each category in NBA Franchise. You can start thinking about who is the all time career points leader, best shooting percentage player, rebound leader, and more. Let’s see if you got it right. Here is the list.

NBA’s All Time Career Leaders:

Field goal percentage: Artis Gilmore-.599%
-In 17 years as a pro, he scored more than 15,000 NBA points, had 60% or better in six different seasons, and led the NBA in field-goal percentage four times.

3 Point field goal percentage: Steve Kerr .454%, (3FGM 726), (3 FGA 1,599)

3 Point Field Goals Made: Reggie Miller 2,560 FGM, 6,188 3FGA, 3FG% 0.398
-Reggie Miller is an amazing 3pt shooter especially in clutch situations.

Free Throw Percentage: Mark Price .904 %, FTM 2,135, FTM 2,362

Minutes Played: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 57,446 minutes

Steals: John Stockton, 3,265 steals, 2.17 SPG

Blocks: Hakeem Olajuwon, 3,830 blocks, 3.09 BPG

Assist: John Stockton, 15,806 assist, 10.5 APG

Scoring Average: Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain, 30.1 PPG
-Best NBA player to play the game and unbeaten record of 100 points in one game

Points Leader: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 38, 387 points, 24.6 PPG
-In 20 years as a pro, he scored the highest points total in league history and also won the MVP Award 6 times and 6 NBA championships.

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