My Most Exspensive Bottle of Cognac: Remy Martin 1989

Here’s a little F.Y.I. for those who don’t know about the term ‘Cognac.’  Cognac is a little town in France.  The are known for there special type of brandy.  In order to for a brandy to be called Cognac, French law requires special type of ingridents and aging that has to be in the brandy of cognac.

Last Saturday, I went to eat with a few of my friends.  We are close by to this supermarket that had good deals on liquor, so I wanted to stop by and pick up another bottle of Martell Noblige.  We were the at the supermarket and they have two table sections, one for Remy and the other for Martell.  We drop by the Martell table first and picked up a bottle of Noblige. I got free Martell gifts with the purchage.  Yay, gifts!  Then we walk by to the Remy table to see what deals they were having.  The lady there said Remy came out with a new cognac called “1989.”  I’m not expert in cognac tasting but I do like drinking all the different brands.  I then ask her why is called it “1989.”  She was a cognac drinker herself, and she show me the bottle up close and said: ‘produced from the grape harvest of 1989.’  Wow, 20 years of being barrelled.  This is a vintage cognac.  I was still a kid at the time.  Ok so then I took a look at where it was displayed, and bam, $289.00.  Aging comes with pricing right.  After talking to her more, I was super convinced to buy the bottle.  For sure, this is the most expensive brandy, whiskey, wine, liquor I have ever bought.  They also gave me many promotional gifts for getting the bottle, so I was happy as well.

Remy Martin 1989 was release last September of 2008 by Remy Martin.  A new French law came out in 1989, enabling cognac to be produce.  In spite, Remy Martin picked and choose there special batch of barrels to be vintage of that year.  Long story short, their special batch led to Remy Martin 1989.

As for the taste,  I haven’t opened the bottle yet.  I’m waiting on the special occasion to drink this refine aged cognac.  For those who tried it,  leave a comment and share your review.  When the special occasion comes, I will follow up with my next review.  Since, this is a special vintage cognac,  I think I should get another bottle for keeps.

Click here to read my taste review on Remy Martin 1989.

Remember always, drink responsibly and enjoy.

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