Movie Review: Step Brothers

It was a saturday night and there was nothing to do. So I’ve decided to watch a movie rather then spend the saturday night at home doing nothing. I search up on what’s playing and saw that “Step Brothers” just came out this passed weekend (July 25, 2008). I love stupid funny movies but I’m not a big fan of Will Ferrel. His movie seems to get lamer and dumber each time. It seems WIll is trying too hard to be funny from his old movies like “Blades of Glory,” and “Semi-Pro.”  I loved him in “Old School.” But I decided to give Will another chance.

The movie is about a 39 year old man (Brennan Huff-Will Ferrell) that still lives with his mom (Nancy Huff-Mary Steenburgen) and a 40 year old man (Dale Doback-John C. Reilly) that still lives with his dad (Robert Doback-Richard Jenkins). Nancy and Robert are both single parents which fell in love at some conference they attended. They get married and moved in together. That’s when all hell broke loose in the house because of Brennan and Robert.

These 2 guys are like 9 year old boys that loves to do nothing but stay home and play. The story goes on with these 2 boys breaking up their parents’ marriage and have confrontations with Nancy’s other successful son (Derek-Adam Scott). The 2 boys have to share rooms, get a job, and move out.

When I say boys, these 2 guys really do act like it. Both of them sleep walking, fighting, watch tv and scratch their privates, and playing like little boys. Brennan and Robert realize it’s time for them to grow up and have to get their parents back together.

Martin’s Reviews:

I won’t go more into the story incase you haven’t watch the movie yet. But there are many surprising, funny, and shocking moments. The preview actually only showed you the softer side of the movie. So this movie was funnier and more entertaining then I thought it would be. Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly looks more like brothers then step brothers.

My grade for this movie is a B-. If your a fan of Will Ferrel or looking for a movie with good laughs, I would recommend you to watch it.

Step Brothers – Unrated Trailer


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