Modern Warfare 2: Fastest Selling Game of All Time

I wasn’t surprise hearing predictions that MW2 will become the fastest selling video game of all time. But with the arrival of early data of sales, I was surprise on how much MW2 broke the previous record by.

Modern Warfare 2 by lewandowski89.

According to VGChartz day one preliminary sales including the midnight launches topped over 7 million copies worldwide across all console platforms (Xbox 360, PS3, and PC).  With 55% of sales coming from Xbox 360, 33% on PS3, and the remaining 12% on PC. Based on numbers of day one, week one sales should top 10 million! If predictions are correct, this one week sale will dismantle the previous one week record by Grand Theft Auto 4 set last year at 5.92 million. In fact, with these numbers, the Xbox 360 alone is projected to sale around 5.5 million units.

(All preliminary data is still at earliest stage. There is a potential of + – 10% error)

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