Mercedes Directional Vane Brake Rotors

Many Mercedes Benz E500 (2003 and up) and other Benz Class Owners ask us:  How come you can’t drill and slot my rotors?   I’m here today to elaborate why we don’t, (but it’s not like we cannot.)  Many Mercedes Benz like the 2003+ E500, C55, C32, have rotors that come in a directional curve vane. 


Directional Vane Brake rotors

As for many Mercedes class vehicles mentioned previously, the brake rotors only come in a LEFT Directional Vane rotor (image above labeled ‘Direction Left Vane’) for both the left and right side of the vehicle.  That how the OEM (Orginal Equipment Manufature) parts comes on the vehicle.  We do not know the reason they didn’t make a left and right directional vane.  But we do understand the concept of a directional vane giving better heat dissipation and stronger rotor.

Moving forward, the reason why R1 Concepts does not drill & slot these Directional Left Vane rotors, is that it will have different placement of holes on a left drilled & slotted compared to a right drilled & slotted rotor (look at image below).  If the 2003 MB E500 came in Left & Right directional vane rotor, then we can definitely make a left & right drilled slotted rotor.  Since it only come in a Left Directional Vane for both left & right side, we do not drill and slot due to the different placement of the drill holes.  I know I’m repeating myself, but I just want to make it clear.  Please take a look at the sample if we were to drill and slot left and right pattern on a Left Directional Vane rotor:

The green lines represents the curve vane on the rotor.  If you compare the left & right drill slot pattern, the placement of holes is different from eachother.  One is placed at 1.88” while the other is placed at 1.41”, same goes for the numbers below (look at image above.)  A vent is clear space between each vane, that where the holes are placed.  On the Left drill slot pattern a vent will have 3 holes placed, while the Right drill slot pattern will ave 1 or 2 holes per vent.  This will give uneven cooling of the rotors, uneven heat dissipation of the brake pads.  The left drill slot rotor will stop differently than the right drill slot rotor.  Again, this is the reason why R1 Concepts does not make a drill and slot rotors for this type of situation. 

If you have a Mercedes with this type of situation it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a performance brake rotor.  R1 Concepts can still give you a crossed drilled only rotor, dimpled & slotted rotor, or a slotted rotor that will you give even brake performance for the left and right side of your vehicle.  If you decide to go crossed drilled only.  You’ll get two left drilled only rotors.  Thats how some OEM drilled rotors come in for some Mercedes class vehicles, such as the 2005+ CLK 55.  The placement of the holes is evenly placed so its doesnt matter on the rotation of the rotors spinning.  You will still get even cooling and heat dissipation.  If you decide to go with dimpled & slotted or slotted only the pattern design, it will be both be even design for left and right side, so you will have even performance on both sides. 

There might be a few listing for Mercedes brake rotors on website that says drill slot, but they are wrong.   Since we have so many different type of Mercedes vehicles we’re trying to fix the listing for them.  So if you do buy a drilled & slotted rotors that comes in Directional Left Vanes only, our customer service will call you and give you the design options you can get for your brake rotors.  I hope this clears things out for some of you Mercedes Benz owners with  this type of situation.

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