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Low Metallic Brake Pads


While they are similar in composition to semi-metallic, low metallic brake pads have less metal and create less dust as a result. These brake pads typically have anywhere from 10 percent to 30 percent metal content versus 30 to 65 percent in semi-metallic versions.

Low metallic brake pads are often used in commercial vehicles (such as trucks and buses) due to their reliability and low cost; however, they can still be installed in passengers cars and trucks. They generally have the same advantages and disadvantages as the semi-metallic version. For example, these brake pads still make noise and cause dust when braking since they contain a fair amount of metal. They are better at dissipating heat than the semi-metallic version, and provide reliable braking even for large commercial vehicles. Like metallic brake pads, they work well for aggressive drivers who may need to quickly respond to other drivers or road traffic.

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