Lexus LF-A: A Toyota Car for Lamborghini Dollars?

The giant automakers of Japan are in a supercar frenzy. Many of you are aware of buzz around the Nissan GT-R, dub the “Godzilla” of Japanese supercar. Also, Honda had plans for a 550hp NSX supercar but never continue with its development and has been wiped off the table. Well, another monster is in the midst. Let me introduce to you the 2011 Lexus LF-A, initially a concept supercar but is set to go into production this Fall in Tokyo, at least as a race trim.  We may see the US variants in the near future.  However, nothing has been confirmed.

The LF-A boasts a V-10 4.8L Engine that cranks out 500 horses and is capable of reaching 215 mph top speed. All of which is control by a six-speed sequential auto gearbox. The frame is made up of light aluminum and carbon-fiber. Other interesting features include a rear mounted radiator, carbon-ceramic brake rotors, titanium exhausts, and a rear wing that is automatic and retractable. The bad news is that production would most likely be very limited. According to a popular Japanese magazine, only about 500 will be produce. Out of the 500, 120 will be sold in Japan and it is still unclear how may will come with left side driver seats. The worst part is that the cost to own this one-of-a-kind work of art is over $200k. Yes  people, over two-hundred thousand dollars for a Lexus!

The thought of a Lexus supercar is fascinating. The design of the LF-A is beautiful and unique. The LF-A name is still concept but the production name is something more like GT or SS. Both are bad and generic in my opinion. GT conjures up Nissan GT-R and SS, too much Chevy. Still, I really hope that this project will go through despite the current economy. The price of the LF-A will probably be a lot less once it hit production. If it does, Lexus will have something that ranks up there with Ferrari, Lamborghini, and the likes.



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