Japans 350Z vs. Americas 350Z, U.S. Gets the Cold Pizza

It can be depressing to be a car enthusiast living in America, especially when you have much love your own Domestic powerhouses but also have much respect for other delicacies the world has to offer. I am talking about all the cars that the American market do not have or at least the top of the line model. Marketing strategies can be blame for this lack of choices. Perhaps bringing these imports over would ruin the domestic market. Our strict smog regulations are also causing these bad boys to stay put in their origins? It could also be that the low octane rating we have, especially in California (91octane, Premium) is just too low for these cars to perform the way they should. Whatever it is, America still gets the cold pizza. For instance, the Nissan 350Z in Japan offers many different models which differentiate substantially in performance and price. I have created a list of U.S. models vs. Japan models to show you what we are being deprived of as far as performance.

US MODEL (based on 2007 models)

 350Z – Touring Coupe

Hp: 306 @ 6800RPM

Tq: 268 @5200RPM

Noticeable difference: Standard leather seats and optional navigation.

MSRP: $32,700


350Z – Grand Touring Coupe

Hp: 306 @ 6800RPM

Tq: 268 @5200RPM

Noticeable difference: Brembo brakes, Vehicle Dynamic Control and 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels and 19-inch in the rears

MSRP: $36,100


350Z – Nismo Edition

Hp: 306 @ 6800RPM

Tq: 268 @5200RPM

Noticeable difference: Tweaked suspension, stiffen chassis, aerodynamic bodyworks and wing, Japan-spec leather, upgraded exhaust

.MSRP: 38,070


JAPAN & EURO MODEL (Non U.S. version listed only)


350Z GT-S

Hp: 382

Tq: 424

Noticeable difference: New body kit for more cooling and downforce, wider tires, more hp.

MSRP: 36,000 Euro dollars


Nismo Type 380RS

Hp: 350 @ 7200RPM

Tq: 293 @ 4800RPM

Noticeable difference: VQ35HR engine stroked to 3.8litre, new dampers, and wider Bridgestone tires.

MSRP: 5.397 million yen (38,695 USD)


NISMO Type 380RS-Competition

Hp: 400 @ 7500RPM

Tq: 421 Nm @ 5200RPM

Noticeable difference: 3798cc engine, based on the GT 500 race car that entered in Super GT championship

MSRP: 26.25 million yen


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