Internet Explorer 8: Surf the Web without Leaving a Trail

Internet privacy is an ongoing battle between advertisers and consumers. This battle might be coming to an end with Microsoft’s latest innovation with their Internet Explorer 8. Internet Explorer 8 is currently in beta testing phase. Basically, IE8 has a feature called InPrivateBlocking which let users surf the internet without leaving a list of websites they visited stored in their computer. The new version can also disable data files called cookies, which get imbedded on a user’s computer by Web sites and online advertisement selling companies to track their activities.


Microsoft’s current browser, Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla’s Firfox 3 already have features that allow it’s users to block cookies and browsing history. However, they will have to do this manually each time they browse. In IE8, with InPrivateBlocking enable this data collection is turn off for good.


Another feature that is introduced in IE8 with InPrivateBlocking is its ability to block third-party content from appearing on Web sites. For example, you are surfing the internet on a site for global business and you see quotes for a vacation provided by another company. The global business site you’re on can collect information about you and your habits and share them with this other company. With InPrivateBlocking turned on, you will not see these types of content and allow these sites and companies to collect information about you without your consent. Instead, you get to evaluate a list of companies that are trying to collect or display information about you.


Besides the advanced privacy filtering features, IE8 will provide faster, more efficient browsing by implementing suggested results in the address bar. This feature is very similar to’s search bar. When you enter a word or phrase you will get a drop down menu with words, phrase, or topics that might be relevant to you.


IE8 and its InPrivateBlocking feature will be a great addition for the common user. With the current browsing options people have no real control or visibility on how information is shared or recorded.  It is only fair that the user is able decide what should and shouldn’t be tracked.



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