Improve Your MPG By Adding More Power!

What if I told you that you can increase the performance of your vehicle and also save gas at the same time? Well its true, a great place to start when looking to increase power without hurting your MPG is the vehicle’s air filter. Changing your stock air filter for a proven performance aftermarket intake system is the easiest and quickest way to get the best of both worlds (power and fuel efficiency). Performance air intakes use a high-flow air filter material and design together with mandrel bent free-flowing performance intake tube. This allows for optimum air consumption into motor for better air/fuel mixture for better burning. If airflow was restricted, the motor would need to inject more fuel to burn, but if there is enough air mixture then every drop of gas will be utilized.


Besides savings gas, intake system deepens the tone of the engines noise to give you a more aggressive sound. An aftermarket intake improves 3-10 horsepower gain from stock, and also quickens the throttle response by adding a bit more torque. All cars and intake systems can vary and this is why the gains can range from 3-10 horsepower. There are consumers who purchase aftermarket intakes but notice no increase in gas mileage. Well, this is because they tend to abuse the new found power increase provided by the upgrade. Its common sense, if you are going to drive your car harder and faster, it’s going to burn more fuel.


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