Import Face-Off 2015: Bakersfield, CA Coverage

Being an enthusiast, tuner, gear head, or whatever anyone calls us… there are many levels at where you are and where you stand and it all begins with your love of a car.  You either grew your love over time with the beauty of a candy paint job on a classic cruising by, the adrenaline of the speed while racing down the freeway, or the thrill of knowing you are building something that not only will get you from point A to B, but something that will have your character of design and mind. All come together for an event like Import Face-Off.

Having been around for quite some time, Import Face-Off does not need much promotion, as it brings people from all over the state and surrounding states for the love of the scene and the love of the sound of fast cars duking it out. Whether you are attending to watch and enjoy the beauty of cars, displaying your show car, or waking up the sleeper to come out and play, this event has it all. 

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