What is the best way to not get ripped off from the car dealership when shopping for a brand new car? The answer is, don’t go to the car dealership. Now you may be thinking, how’s that possible. You will not have to spend a penny. No need to pay an auto broker to find a car for you. Most auto brokers get a commission from how much they sell the car for, so auto brokers can even rip you off.  I will show you easy steps to not get overpriced on shopping for a brand new car.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “NEW CARS” on the top left.
  3. Browse on Make, Model, and Year.
  4. Once you get to step 2 on “Price with Options”, enter the color and your zip code.
  5. Step 3 will display the MSRP price, Invoice price, and “What Others are Paying
  6. Click on “Get Dealer Quotes”
  7. Next Step will display 5 closet car dealerships in your area.
  8. Read warning below before next step.
  9. Last step, you will have to enter your information

Warning note: Before you enter your information, you might not want to put your personal cell phone number unless you don’t mind them calling you all the time. Also they will blast your email. If you don’t want that, you might want to open a new email account just for this purpose.

Now, after submitted for your price quotes to the car dealership, wait about 30 sec, and you phone is going to ring off the hook. All the dealerships will give you a call at the same time. It’s your chose if you want to talk to them, but I recommend waiting for them to email you a price quote instead. They will know you went on, so they won’t quote you higher than “What Others are Paying”. For that reason, you won’t be paying more than what most people are paying. That’s good so far. Next, from all the price quotes you received, you can mention to other dealerships of lower quotes you received from other dealers. They will try to beat it. Allow it to go back and forth until you are satisfied with the price.

Not only did you not get ripped off, but you got a better price. Didn’t have to waste gas and drive to all the car dealerships and deal with pushy salespeople. It was easy and a more relaxing shopping experience.  I saved about $7400 from MSRP price including tax and registration.  Congratulations on purchasing your brand new car.

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