How to Choose the Right Brake Pads


As a first step in determining which type of brake pad is right for your vehicle, review your vehicle owner’s manual.

brake-rotor-manual-book-3The manual should provide a recommendation of brake pad type based on your car’s specifications. As a general rule, particular kinds of cars tend to perform better with a certain brake pad material. This does not mean that you cannot switch it up. No matter which choice you end up making, it is useful to see not only what is recommended for your car or truck, but why a certain material is recommended over another.

For high performance vehicles, such as race cars, manufacturers usually advise installing ceramic brake pads because they do not hold onto heat, which could harm other components of the brake system. For the average passenger car and light truck, manufacturers typically recommend either the ceramic or semi-metallic type.


Once you know what type of brake pad is recommended for your car and why, ask your mechanic what type of brake pads he’s installed. Your mechanic may have installed a different type than what the manufacturer recommends. Evaluate your satisfaction with the brake pads installed on your car. You do not need to stick with the same type of brake pad for your car or truck; you can experiment with different brake pad types to see whether you have a preference.


If you are tired of cleaning up dust from brake pads, or find your brake pads noisy, you may prefer to switch to organic brake pads or ceramic brake pads for their decreased dust. That said, if you are cost conscious and you do not mind dusty brake pads, then either metallic version may be a good choice.


Once you know which type of brake pads you would like to purchase, the next step is to find a pair of brake pads that comes from a reputable manufacturer of brake pads and have them installed by your mechanic. There are other areas where you can be budget conscious when it comes to automotive maintenance, but brakes are not one of them. It is well worth the peace of mind of knowing that you can stop your car safely and in time to purchase a premium product.

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