Health Nuts: The Right Way To Eat Fruit

Eating fruits everyday will optimize health and performance of the body. Most people believe by just eating fruits will benefit you in every way possible. True, but how effective is it? Are we eating our fruits the right way?

I recently found out that there is a right way to eat fruits. Most of us tend to just cut a fruit and eat it after a meal. This is absolutely the wrong thing to do. When fruit is consumed, it’s easily digested and ready to go into the intestines, but is prevented from doing so, because of the food that needs to be digested first. When the food is in the stomach, it turns acidic as it digests. As the fruit is consumed after the meal, when it comes in contact with this food-digestive mixture, begins to spoil (ferment).  This will cause slower digestion and force the body to store the energy rather than burning it. This will also cause bloating and burping as gas is formed in the stomach making you uncomfortable.

It is best to eat fruit on an empty stomach or at least eat the fruit first and wait like 5-10 minutes. Eating fruits on an empty stomach will help:

1. Detoxification of the body for a healthy gut.

2. Releases energy by quickly releasing carbohydrates to the bloodstream.

3. Fills up the stomach, so you will feel less hungry.

4. Prevents constipation and other forms of cancer.

5. Provides vitamins and minerals to the body.

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