Happy Halloween! – Texas Chainsaw Massacre theme

I love to watch horror film  but not too bloody (House of Wax is an exception), and nor religious horror film like Exorcism. My top favorite horror movie is the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) featuring Jessica Biel, as Erin. It all starts with four teenager going home from a road trip to Mexico. And the anticipation of the horror begins in the beginning of the movie when they drove to Travis County in Texas and they picked up a traumatized hitchhiker, Pepper. In the car, Pepper got highly frighten and told them that they are going the wrong way. While everyone else thinks everything is going to be fine, they did not listen to her. Pepper's distressed face and tired voice, warned them they're "all going to die."  So, Pepper did something shocking to herself that was unbelievable and terrifying. Will any of the four teenagers survive from the Leatherface? This is a must-see film. Meet all the characters from Travis County –this town is not your typical neighborhood.

Here's a video trailer to get you started:


R1 CONCEPTS would like to tell all our CUSTOMERS, TWITTER followers, MYSPACE friends, YOUTUBE subscribers, and FACEBOOK fans, a  Happy Horrific Halloween! If you can, stop at your one-stop shop, R1 Concepts. We have Leatherface in the shop that will still be up till mid November (until we start decoring Christmas theme). Stop by and pick up a free poster and car decal (this is no trick!). We'll take pictures of your ride and we'll post them in our website gallery, Customer Rides.

Meet our new R1 employee. We gave him a nick name… Leather Face. He'll be more then happy to SLOT your rotors. Muahahaha.

What's your favorite HORROR movie?

– Cynthia

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