Great, another new iPod Nano that I must have

I just bought an iPod nano 2 months ago.  Comes with the basic features as the older GEN iPod nano.  Today I just found out that Apple is coming out with a new iPod nano with a bunch of new goodies.  Did I already tell you that I bought a nano just 2 months ago?  Check out the new features.

1. Video Record

  • Records video in portrait or landscape
  • You can email or post it on Facebook or MobileMe
  • Has a built-in mic that lets you capture audio
  • Special effects – 15 different video effects that you can add to your video
  • You can sync it to your Mac or Computer for uploads to Youtube, Myspace, Etc.

2. Genius Mix

  • You can create your own mixes with the songs you have or have Genius explore and find songs that will go great together
  • You can save it on your Genius playlist and listen to it over and over

3. FM tuner

  • Now you can listen to your favorite FM stations
  • It will display the artist and song you are listening to
  • You can pause,rewind 15 minutes back, then fast foward to catch up to the live broadcast
  • You can tag the song you hear on the FM station and the nano will create a list of songs you tagged so you can purchase them on iTunes

4. Pedometer

  • Now you can track your workouts with this new feature
  • Running/walking – You will need a Nike + shoe to sync it up with your new nano. You can track your steps, set your goals, you can even set you music with your steps, and lots more
  • You can also keep track of your workout on a compatible cardio machine
  • You will also need the iPod Sport Kit for this

These are the new main features of the new iPod nano.  Oh I forgot to add another important update…. it also comes with a bigger screen.  Ok ummmm, this really sucks!  My iPod nano is the 2nd Apple product I bought.  My first product was the iTouch (well I actually didn’t buy this, it was a birthday gift) but I ended up losing it at a convention a month later.  I held off buying any iPod products  because of their business practice in regards on how they release new products.  It seems that Apple would come out with a new product every month.  Either they come out with a little more memory and not a lot because they want to save it for the next version, smaller design, new features, or new product lines.  I just didn’t want to feel buyers remorse buying an Apple product and see it being replaced with something better a month later.

There were other mp3 brands that delivered the same features or more, at cheaper prices.  I ended up just using my phone as a mp3 player to listen to music.  But 2 months ago I’ve decided it would be easier to carry something around that’s small when I go workout.  Plus my car has an iPod adapter and I didn’t even have an iPod.  So I decided it’s time to give an iPod a chance.  The small size was perfect, I didn’t want a shuffle because I wanted a screen to navigate and also to watch movies on my trips.

So I picked up a 16GB nano for $179.99 (+tax) and I was a happy camper with my purchase.  Until today, after finding out that they came out with a new iPod with all the new features that I pointed out above, I was pretty upset.  Features that I always wished the iPod nano came with years back but didn’t.  The worst part is that it’s the same price that I spent on my “older” nano.  I’ve just got reminded why I don’t buy Apple products.  I’m actually surprised they came out with so many features for the new nano and not just come out with one feature at a time so they can save it for the next nano.  Seems that’s what apple likes to do with their products.  Ok I’m just being a big baby…. but I want the new nano damnit!  Now!  Well if anything I can just wait a month or two and another newer even better version of the nano will probably be out by then.

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