Gas Saving Tips 101 for Men

We all know gas prices are sky rocketing through out the nation, so here’s a few tip on ways you can save money on gas.

First things first, you have to get rid of your gas guzzling SUV’s and trucks. Getting 10 miles to the gallon is not helping. Always keep your tires inflated properly for better gas mileage and even tire thread wear. Another thing you must do is get your regular tune ups and always change your engine oil once you hit the 3000 mark. Lastly, you should empty out all the junk in your trunk of your vehicle. The more weight you have weighing down the vehicle, the more gas you would be wasting. For every 250 pounds that your engine is hauling, you lose about one mile per gallon on your vehicle.

Top 10 ways how “Men” can save gas!

10. Drive a one cylinder car.

9. Push your car to work, if you carpool, tell your partners to push while you steer.

8. Strip the car down to the metal and leave just the seats and seat belts.

7. Use your friend’s credit card and write him an I.O.U.receipt.

6. Show up to work every other day.

5. Turn your car off when going down hill.

4. Take the wife’s car

3. Make the riches guy in your group of friends drive

2. Fill out as many raffles as you can at the mall to win a hybrid car.

1. Take your mistress and your wife out to dinner at the same time.

Check out the video below for the car of the future:

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