Gaming Review: Video Game Console Wars

Video game console developers have been in a never ending war with each other and I believe it will never end. The video game industry has been an ever changing market with cutting edge technology in home entertainment. Many companies has been trying to get a piece of this multi-billion dollar market over the past thirty something years. A Lot of companies have failed miserably while some try to merge with other companies to stay afloat. With all the failures there are some that have succeeded quite well over the past quarter century.  Every 4-6 years (average life expectancy of a successful video game console system) a new war wages between these massive companies with multi-million dollar budgets for marketing their new hardware. Perhaps the most recognizable feud is the battle between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. In the front line, Microsoft has their Xbox 360, Sony with their Playstation 3 and Nintendo with the Wii. I decided to briefly break down the specs of these three systems as well as how they are doing in the video game market.


Video Game Console


Nintendo Wii

Release date: 2006


IBM Broadway

729 MHz

256kb L2


1.9 GB/s Bus


ATI Hollywood


975M Texels/Sec

3MB Buffer

7.9 GB/s Memory


Playstation 3

Release date: 2006



3.2 GHz

1 Main Core

512KB L2

7 Auxiliary SIMD Units

1.75MB Local Memory

217.6 GFLOPS

25.6 GB/s Memory



500 MHz

24 Pixel Pipelines

8 Vertex Pipelines

250M Polygons/Sec

8g Samples/Sec

20.8 GB/s Memory


Xbox 360

Release date: 2005


IBM Xenon

3.2 GHz

Three Cores

1MB Shared L2

115.2 GFLOPS

21.6 GB/s Interface


ATI Xenos


48 Unified Pipelines

500M Polygons/Sec

8G Texels/Sec

16G Samples/Sec

10MB Buffer

22.4 GB/s Memory




Nintendo Wii

6.6 million – Japan

13.59 million – America

11.04 million – others

31.30 million Total Worldwide


Playstation 3

2.34 million – Japan

5.63 million – America

7.00 million – others

14.97 million Total Worldwide


Xbox 360

0.68 million – Japan

12.23 million – America

7.49 million – Others

20.40 million Total Worldwide

(all infos according to video game chartz as of 8/28/2008)

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  1. Taneka Dutel September 19, 2010 at 11:36 pm #

    Wow, great post thank you for sharing !

  2. Xbox 360 ISO September 29, 2010 at 1:59 am #

    Is it normal for the xbox 360 fans to be very loud? some times it just goes loud randomly and i’m not sure if it’s supposed to do that or i should turn it off?

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