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G2 Brake Caliper Paint Now Available

G2 Brake Caliper Paint

So you got new rims and new performance brake rotors, but yet you’re still missing that extra *bling*. For some reason, your wheels aren’t standing out yet. What are you missing? Paint those brake calipers dang it! It’s perhaps one of the easiest “upgrades” that is often overlooked.


A painted caliper can make the whole world of difference, giving your car the “second head-turning” look it deserves. The first color that comes to my mind when painting the caliper is the classic red brembo caliper look. Or perhaps you are leaning towards that exotic Ferrari yellow. What ever color you are looking for, you can find them now at R1 Concepts. We’re now offering the G2 Brake Caliper paint system. The going price for any color will be $36.99, a low price to pay for a high performance look! Check out the G2 Brake Caliper Paint in our Store today.


Available Colors: black, blue, gold, green, orange, red, silver, white, yellow, purple

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