The FWY Series Toys for Tots 2013

2013 Has been filled with a ton of car shows/events. R1 Concepts is proud to have been a part of THE FWY SERIES Presents Toys 4 Tots Fundraiser & Car Show hosted by 742 Marketing and Team REVO. Held at Toyota of Pasadena, there were plenty of organized Convoys to the event.

With talks about it on Facebook and with the amount of attendees, the event grew even more than what was initially projected.

With over 100 cars in participation, it was going to be tough competition when it came down to the show competition and the trophies to be given per category.  So let’s bring on the photos!!

Subaru’s representing

Nicely Wrapped Subie

White on White FR-S

As of lately, there has been a wide spread of Modifed KDM cars. Hyundai enthusiasts were also in the house to show of their rides.

Left or Right?

Dropped SRT4

Very Clean VIP Genesis Sedan


Voltex Equipped Evo 9

Widebody Camaro

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It was a fun and great turnout. R1Concepts was proud to be a part of the event. This Toys for Tots will be the last event coverage of 2013. Stay tuned for 2014 hope to see you all soon! From everyone here at R1, Have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year! Stopping the World!


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