Future Gadgets of The World

As technology evolves, it gets faster, convenient, smaller, and smarter. Take for instance, cell phones. Cell phones seems to evolve so fast. Almost every month there is a new cooler, faster, and smaller looking phone to hit the consumer market. Take a look at what will soon be in our hands, well wrist that is.

The Samsung S9110 is claiming to be the slimmest watch phone ever released. The watch phone which will be arriving to France first and is said to be 1.76-inch touch screen. The s9110 will be equipped with blutooth, voice recognition, MP3 player capabilities, a speakerphone, and e-mail functionality. The asking price for the Samsung is $390 Euros, that is about $555 USD. Another company who is coming out with a similar gadget is the LG GD910 which is equipped with 3g video capabilities and a bigger internal memory at a higher MSRP.


LG GD910 Watch Phone

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