Formula Drift Basic Rules

Hi everyone. This is Cynthia [Tran] from R1Concepts. I am a fan of Formula Drift for the past 3 years. Drifting is a different type of race. It’s not actually a race where everyone tries to get to the finished line. It’s about style and control. Drifters are scored by speed, line, and angle. The race starts off by a “lead car” then followed by a “following car.” The following car has to catch up with the lead’s car to keep close as possible. Since it is not a race, the follower’s car is not encouragedf to pass the lead’s car unless the lead’s car fumbles or loses control. Any occurrences of collisions/accidents, the driver will lose points and is required to complete the course. Each race has 2 rounds so each driver can switch to be a lead and a follower. Drivers bring excitement when both drifters are next to each other and they drift closely near the walls (outer & inner clipping points). Burning tires create huge smoke clouds that give the action an edge. Tire companies are part of their sponsorship to advertise the strength of their tires after it has been roughly used on the track. Sometimes when it comes to a close race, judges will announce a “One More Time” race to choose the winner of that round.

Here’s a short clip I captured from Formula Drift Round 7 on October 17, 2009, in Irwindale, CA.


Chris Forsberg is one of my favorite drifters

In his Nissan 350z, he has 3 rules on his dash for his passenger:

These would be my rules:


2.DO NOT PULL DOWN THE SUN VISOR TOO FAR (it’ll move my rear view wide mirror),

3.DO NOT EMBARRASS ME WITH A SILLY DANCE (my windows are not tinted; i love the sun!).

What would be your 3 rules for your ride?


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