Finesse = Kobe

At times when I think of Micheal Jordan, it frustrates me to know that I was a bit too young and uninterested in the game of basketball during his prime era. Well, part of it was because I was a Laker fan and  it was all about the Lakers especially if you are a California kid. All the amazing moves, clutch shots and unforgettable dunks Micheal Jordan use to do. I wondered how it was to a basketball fan growing up in Chicago during the Jordan era.

Well, enough about the past, we still have Kobe Bryant ha ha! Other then Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant defines finesse.  If basketball fans are not aware of Kobe Bryant yet, they should. Basketball players like this only comes one in every era.


This impossible shot was made on November 17th 2009 against the Detroit Piston. Kobe Bryant scored 40 points, 17-29 from the field, for the 100th time in his career on that day.

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