Fantasy Football

If you’re a football fan, then you probably also play fantasy football. I am really disappointed with Drew Brees this season.  Last season, he was a fantasy monster, but now that the Saints have a much improved defense, they aren’t playing from behind as much and Brees isn’t forced to throw 40+ passes.  I’ll still hang on to him, I’m not going to trade him away, and i do hope that he will throw another 6 TD game like he did against the Lions in week one.  I also have Steve Smith of the New York Football Giants, i drafted him in my league knowing that Eli Manning loves to pass it to one receiver just like he did to Plaxico Burress, everyone laughed at me but Steve Smith is a receiving machine and i am getting offers for him.  If anyone got any good sleeper pick ups, please feel free to let me know, lol. Good luck to everyone in your league, hope you score a million points this week.

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