The Dark Knight finish before the death of Heath Ledger?

After the grief and sadness of the late actor’s death, the blistering question concerning all Batman and Ledger fans is, did Heath Ledger finish the Dark Knight before he died? We all know the timeline for The Dark Knight was due summer of 2008. Considering Ledger passing away on January 22nd 2008, everybody seemed to be quite sure that he had finished all the work on The Dark Knight and was already busy on another motion picture. Ledger had also briefly mentioned being finished a few months before his death.

A couple days after his death, E! Online gossip columnist Ted Casablanca claimed that a “studio insider” told him that Ledger did not finish any of the “automated dialogue replacement” work for the film. The “automated dialogue replacement,” or ADR is when an actor re-records his voice over some lines of the film where vocals did not come out as clear as they should. As of now there is no proven fact that this rumor is true or not, neither Chris Nolan nor any of the execs at Warner Bros. studio has commented or willing to comment on this matter.

Well, regardless if he did finish the ADR or not, at least he finishes all the acting scenes for the movie. I would rather have his voice dubbed for the movie then a double acting as Heath Ledger for the Joker. For instance, how can we forget the last movie Bruce lee partially made before he died? Yes, it was the movie The Game of Death; do you remember the double they had for Bruce Lee? Oh man, considering the stereotype of how “all Asians look alike,” this double did not come even close! Imagine something like that would have to be done for Heath Ledger – It just wouldn’t be the same. In closing, I would like to say that if some or if any lines of the Joker had to be re-recorded with another voice, it’s going to be alright. I am still going to see this movie and I can’t wait.

Movie will be released on July 17 at midnight!!! See you there at the movies!!!

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The Joker

Heath in action


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3 Responses to The Dark Knight finish before the death of Heath Ledger?

  1. jessica July 21, 2008 at 6:53 am #

    This is the best movie ive ever seen specially because Heath Ledger is the main charactor. Heath Ledger was a great actor in fact he was my favorite actor. I really like him so much.

  2. Steven July 21, 2008 at 1:56 pm #

    You are correct Jessica, Heath did showed us a different vision of the Joker that I have never seen before. A+ movie, A++ acting.


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