Drum Brakes and it’s Mechanism

Many people wonder if they have drum brakes or disc brakes for their rear braking system.  If you have rear rotor disc brakes, it would look like what you would have for the front end.  But if you notice that your rear set up looks like a big round cover that looks nothing like your front rotors, then that is what you call drum brakes.


How Drum Brakes Work:

Brake drums consist of one drum, two shoes, and a piston, which works as a unit just like a disc rotor and brake pads.  When applying the brakes, fluid is forced into the wheel cylinder which causes the pistons to push the shoes outward toward the drums to slow down the rotation. 


Kit’s Thoughts and Knowledge:

It pretty much works like a rotor disc and brake pads but just not as efficient.  The flaws with drum brakes is that when too much heat is built up inside the drum, you will encounter some major brake fades which seems like the car is not stopping when applying the brakes. What I suggest is when an individual purchases a car; make sure to check if the vehicle has front and rear disc brakes, rather than front disc with rear drums. 


Here’s a video I found on youtube on how Drum Brakes works:



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