Do You Think You Played All The Nintendo Game Titles?

Nintendo Entertainment Game System

Nintendo Entertainment Game System

If you think you played all the Nintendo game titles, you should maybe think again. There were about 794 game titles including “Contra, Duck Hunt, Double Dragon, Super Mario Bros”, and many more.

Contra 1

Super Mario Bros 1

If you were playing games between the years of 1986-1994, most likely you were playing the Nintendo Entertainment Game System . A time when graphics didn’t matter, only 2d graphics was the way to go and a controller that had only 2 main buttons. But anyone who grew up playing the Nintendo game system will agree with me that the games were really fun to play. Every game system who tried to challenge Nintendo like Genesis or Atari just didn’t have a chance because of Nintendo’s game selection.

NES was released in Europe and Australia in late 1986 and distributed by various third party companies until Nintendo took over Distribution in 1990.

Nintendo later was upgraded to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System with better graphics and more buttons released in 1991. The last production of a Nintendo game manufactured was called “Wario’s Woods” in 1994.

Try to see how many actual Nintendo Video games you actually played. Here is a link: Full List of Nintendo Video Games

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