Common Car Myths

There are probably a lot of tips given to you when you got your first car.  You may have been given advice from your parents, grand parents or a close friend.  Some of these tips may not be relevant anymore since we have come a long way with todays modern technology.

Myth #1  Warm up your engine for several minutes before driving.

That might have been good advice for cars back in the day but todays modern engines will warm up faster when you are driving and the faster they warm up, the faster they will reach maximum potentiel.

Myth #2   Fill up your brake fluid every time it gets low.

As your brake pads wear down, your fluid level will drop a little bit. This helps you check your brake wear. If the brake fluid drops to or below the low level on the reservoir, then either your brakes are worn out or fluid is leaking. You should get your brakes checked when you see it below the low line because if it is your brakes or a brake fluid leak, it needs to be checked out either way.

Myth #3  Do not let your gas get too low or else you will get dirt and other gunk in your engine and it damage it.

Almost all cars have fuel pumps inside the gas tank and the pumps the fuel from the lowest part of the tank so that it will suck out every last drop from the gas tank.  If there is a lot of dirt or other type of debris then it would normally set in to the bottom of the fuel tank be sucked up by the fuel pump no matter much fuel is in the tank.  Todays cars have fuel pumps that have a protective screen that catches any debris before it enters your fuel system and anything that is too small for the filter would be caught by a second filter.  Some older cars had little to no rust protection and so it is understandable why some people wont let their cars gas get too low.  Also the fuel pump rely on gasoline to keep it lubricated so it can work with maximum efficiency.

These are just some of the more common myths that I have heard myself.  There are many others that I may not have heard of yet.  Tell me about some of the stuff you have heard about and found out later that was not true or very important.

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  1. Martin October 7, 2010 at 3:56 pm #

    Oh I remember when I was younger with our little Honda's. We would use the highest octane thinking it will last longer and even give us more HP. HAHAHA.

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