Civic DX Rear Brake Drums conversion to Civic Si Rear Disc

Here is some information on how to convert your Honda Civic Dx Rear drums to Rear Discs.


02-03 Civic Si


Take the rear spindle (with bearing and hub) from any 88-00 Civic with rear discs, or 94-01 Integra and swap them onto the Civic DX. Use 02-03 Civic Si (EP3) caliper bracket mounts, 02-03 Civic Si EP3 brake pads, and 02-03 Civic Si EP3 rotors. To use RSX or EP3 Calipers on a Civic/Integra with Civic/Integra e-brake cables, use the e-brake attachment lever swapped on from any 7CLP13S caliper body, and also use the L-bracket that the e-brake cable goes through from a 7CLP13S caliper. Use the 99-00 Civic Si e-brake cables.


The content above was provided by BrakeExpert and is posted with his expressed permission.

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