Christmas, Best Savings to Shop, But May be Dangerous!

During the Christmas season, many shoppers rush out to find the best deal possible. Sometimes being around desperate shoppers and surrounded by people with the same intentions can be quite harmful. These are a few bad incidents around the Christmas shopping season

There have been increased incidents of attempted robbery of women handbags during the Christmas shopping season. For instance, a 29 year old woman reported she was walking down the street and she was approached from behind by a man on a bicycle who grabbed hold of her bag causing her to stumble over.

Handbag Snapping
Handbag Snatchers

In Palm Desert, California, two men were shot dead in a Toys R Us store after a dispute on the year’s busiest shopping day of the year, “Black Friday”, the day after thanksgiving. Toy R Us and authorities claimed, that the incident was a personal dispute and not related to shopping on “Black Friday “.

According to AA’s company Director, Simon Douglas stated that there is a “noticeable” rise in claims of “Grinch-style” thefts. In other words, there are incidents that take place where shoppers go in between shopping and leave their Christmas shopping visible in their vehicle and the thieves break into the cars and steal their gifts.

Grind-Style Stealing

"Grinch-Style" thefts

The most unbelievable story was in Palm Desert, California where a Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death from a pack of rushing customers on the opening day of “Black Friday”. The temporary Wal-Mart employee, a 34 year old man named Jdimvtai Damour was trying to open the doors, fell over, and got stuck fighting through the rush. The other employees tried to help him out of the rush and were also trampled by the shoppers as well. Jdimvtai was rushed to the hospital by ambulance where he was pronounced dead. Even after the authorities closed the store because of the death, shoppers were still complaining to open the doors.

At the same Wal-Mart store, a pregnant woman was also trampled by the utter chaos, but AP reported she and the baby were safe.

Walmart employee gets trampled at store on Black Friday

Walmart employee gets trampled at store on "Black Friday"

What has the world gone to? People would rather save $30 or $50 just to have a person die, not stop, and still complain that they need to get back into the store to finish their Christmas shopping. Christmas is supposed to be a season of treating people nice and being helpful. Well, the warning for the Christmas season is to watch your bags walking down the street, don’t leave visible merchandise in the car, be careful of rushing crowds, and try to avoid disputes since Christmas has become a chaotic time to shop.

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