Check out R1Concepts Custom Engrave Brake Rotors!

R1Concepts, Performance Brake Company does all their drilling in-house. R1Concepts carry the traditional drill/slot brake rotors They also carry drilled only or slotted only. Some people request for dimpled/slot. But if you really like to get creative and make your own custom engraving, R1Concepts can do the job. They have made many different designs. They have made custom designs for individuals, car clubs, crews, businesses, or just pride customers for their own custom ride. R1Concepts have machined brake rotors for years and have a lot of experience. R1Concepts special tech will reassure the rotors are specifically designed to showoff well through your wheels. You can create your own custom logo or let R1Concepts know what you would like and they will create a mock-up design for your approval. They don’t just look good, the custom rotors are designed to give you better performance than stock brakes. Create your custom engraved rotors to be a “showstopper”. Below are some photos of cool custom engraved rotors machined from R1Concepts.

If you are interested, give R1Concepts a call 1-888-712-6623

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