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Brake Bleeding

Brake bleeding is a procedure performed on your brake system where brake lines containing brake fluids are removed of any air bubbles. Over time air and moisture can get into your brake lines that can compromise your safety and the effectiveness of your brake system How to check if you need brake bleeding: Confirming that […]

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How to Properly Break In Your New Brakes

Bedding your brakes gives the benefit of making your brakes last longer additionally saving you money in the future.  There are few methods and process in how to bed new brakes. Here’s one way you can properly bed your newly installed brakes. Assuming your new installed brakes for your car or truck have been tested […]

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Brake pads are arguably the most important pieces in the braking system of your vehicle. So, it is crucial for everyone to take some time in choosing the best material for their application. This is no simply task because there are many brake pad materials in the market. Gone are the days of asbestos pads […]

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How to Add New Songs to Your iPod Without Deleting Songs

Many people have made mistakes syncing their ipod when they only want to add new songs from their iTunes Library but it also deletes all their previous songs.  I know it’s a terrible feeling to lose all the songs that you have because it has happened to me. Here, I will simply show you how […]

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Formula Drift Basic Rules

Hi everyone. This is Cynthia [Tran] from R1Concepts. I am a fan of Formula Drift for the past 3 years. Drifting is a different type of race. It’s not actually a race where everyone tries to get to the finished line. It’s about style and control. Drifters are scored by speed, line, and angle. The […]

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12 Tips to Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

Before you know it, summer will be here and gas prices will rise. So to help you save some money and some fuel mileage, here are 10 quick ways to get the most from your vehicle while spending less at the pumps.

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