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99-02 Jeep Grand Cherokee, ATE or Akebono?

For all of you 99-02 Jeep Grand Cherokee owners, purchasing front brake pads can be a difficult task if you do not know what kind of calipers you vehicle is equiped with.  You were probably asked if you had ATE or Akebono front calipers.  Only the front brake pads would be different for each caliper. […]

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Do I have a Sport or non Sport Suspension RX8?

The difference between the sport and non sport brakes is that the front rotors are a different size. One sure way to determine which rotor you need is to simply measure it. Sport should be about 12.72 inches and the non sport would be 11.93 inches. The next and probably easiest way is if you have manual 6 speed transmission, then you would have the sport suspension

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Car Maintenance Checklist

Here are a couple of things to look out for when you do a routine check up for your car. Engine Oil and Filter: Should be checked after every fuel fill up and while the engine is off.  Recomended oil changers are every 3 months or 3000 miles Fuel Filter: Replace if it is contaminated with […]

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The Importance Of Brake Pad and Rotor Break-In Procedure

It is important to break-in (or bed-in) rotors and pads properly. Not doing so can cause long term damage to the rotors and cause poor braking performance. In general, brake pads and rotors should bond with each other to provide proper braking performance. The purpose of the break-in procedure is to condition the pad/rotor outer […]

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Brake pads are arguably the most important pieces in the braking system of your vehicle. So, it is crucial for everyone to take some time in choosing the best material for their application. This is no simply task because there are many brake pad materials in the market. Gone are the days of asbestos pads […]

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Brake Pad Installation: Charger/ Jeep SRT8

For all the people who are changing your brakes for the first time on a SRT8 and need some kind of good tutorial because you don’t want to mess up those precious Brembo Calipers, here you go: TOOLS NEEDED: Impact Wrench/Breaker Bar 21mm socket Torque Wrench Small Punch Hammer Large Pliers 3M Super 77 Multipurpose […]

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