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My Most Exspensive Bottle of Cognac: Remy Martin 1989

Here’s a little F.Y.I. for those who don’t know about the term ‘Cognac.’  Cognac is a little town in France.  The are known for there special type of brandy.  In order to for a brandy to be called Cognac, French law requires special type of ingridents and aging that has to be in the brandy […]

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How Many Spins Can a Mexican Wrestler Spin?

I counted a total of 17 spins, including the last one…. LOL

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Street Fighter 4 Game Preview

I remembered when Street Fighter II was first release in 1991. Street Fighter II was one of the best fighting game of all time. I was only nine years old, saving up quarters that I find around the house just to go down to the liquor store close to my house and play Street Fighter […]

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Bang For Your Buck: Call Of Duty, World At War

I had been hearing a lot of criticism on the new multiplayer, first-person shooter, Call of Duty: World at War. Many were complaining about the idea of going back to the Second World War theme. Consumers are saying that WWII games are redundant, and are too similar. I believe that this has a lot to […]

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Top Five Worst Christmas Gifts

A gift is something to be thankful for …but sometimes you receive those gifts that are just ‘eehhhh bad.  Here is my top five picks of bad Christmas presents.  Lets start with #5 being the least worse and #1 is the worse of them all. #5.  Hickory Sausages & Cheese – Don’t get me wrong, […]

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What women really want for Christmas

Wondering what gift to get for the women in your life?  If your answer is clothes, then you are absolutely wrong.  This survey was conducted by a total of 575 women found at Frank about Women. 27 percent of women say traveling is the number one on their list.  And, a majority of those (67%) […]

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