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Organic Brake Pads

Composed of resin and natural fibers, such as carbon or glass, organic brake pads are sturdy and create relatively little dust. They are sometimes referred to as NAO brake pads, which stands for non-asbestos organic brake pads.  Organic brake pads do not put much wear and tear on brake rotors, but they cannot dissipate heat very well and […]

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Low Metallic Brake Pads

While they are similar in composition to semi-metallic, low metallic brake pads have less metal and create less dust as a result. These brake pads typically have anywhere from 10 percent to 30 percent metal content versus 30 to 65 percent in semi-metallic versions. Low metallic brake pads are often used in commercial vehicles (such […]

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Semi-metallic Brake Pads

The most common and traditional choice for brake pads, a metallic pad is an inexpensive and reliable option for cars and trucks. In the past, these were made with asbestos; nowadays, a semi-metallic or metallic brake pad is typically composed of 30 to 65 percent mixed metal (such as steel, iron, or copper) bonded with resin. In general, a metallic […]

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Ceramic Brake Pads

Nowadays, ceramic brake pads are very commonly recommended for consumers. A relatively new type of brake pad, ceramic pads are composed of a ceramic compound. Popular for their durable construction and lack of dust emitted while braking, ceramic brake pads will stop hard when you need them to without putting undue wear and tear on your […]

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Street2Track – Drag Racing Nationals: Las Vegas, NV 2016 Coverage

Street2Track is everything automotive, they are an automotive apparel company that focuses on designs such as: Turbos, Cars, Girls, and everything else related. Being that they have built the brand off of bringing their fans coverage from car shows and drag racing events throughout the United States, an event put on by Street2Track already had […]

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SEMA: Las Vegas, NV 2015 Coverage

With the SEMA Show being the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world, the industry enthusiasts from around the world prepared year long for the big show that takes up all the halls at the Las Vegas Convention Center. For first timers, it can and most surely will be an overwhelming experience once […]

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