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11 Signs Indicating That Your Brakes Need Service

Often neglected, but one of the most crucial components on your vehicles are the brakes. Paying attention to the warning signs that indicate a need for service can mean the difference between life and death on the road. Here are 11 signs that your brakes need to be checked:  1) The brake pedal pulsates as […]

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Tierra Del Sol 2016: Desert Safari

The thrill of leaving the pavement, the freedom that the dirt path provides, and the ability to be able to feel every bump below during the excitement of being off-road, it all accumulates to the enthusiasm of being a part of the Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari. Tierra Del Sol’s history goes back as far […]

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Spec D Tuning: Spring Show-Off 2 2016 Coverage

Spec D Tuning entering into their 16th year in business, had their 2nd Annual Spring Show-Off. Where they open their lot up to enthusiasts all around, many came from throughout the state and beyond to show their support. With the 1st Spring Show-Off living up to all the hype, the 2nd had even more and […]

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STOPPING THE WORLD! Tour 2016 Invades The 50th Annual Easter Jeep Safari

STOPPING THE WORLD! Tour 2016 invades The 50th Annual Easter Jeep Safari What: Red Rock 4 Wheelers – The 50th Annual Easeter Jeep Safari When: March 19-27, 2016 Where: MOAB, Utah Time: Booth: R1 Concepts

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Can I Change Out My Brake Rotors Only Without Replacing the Brake Pads?

Thrifty drivers want to know if they can replace their car’s brake rotors independently of the brake pads, or if they must replace the brake pads and the brake rotors at the same time. Learn the signs that brake rotors need to be replaced as well as if you must replace brake pads and rotors […]

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Why Is It Important to Do A Brake Fluid Flush?

You may know that auto makers recommend changing the brake fluid in your car periodically, but do you know why this is or what could happen if you opt to not change your car’s brake fluid? Learn about brake fluid, why it needs to be changed, and what a brake fluid flush involves to keep […]

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