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4th Of July Brake Gear Savings!

R1 Carbon GEOMET® Series Next Generation of Brake Rotors. Superior corrosion protectionand enhanced noise dampening built to last. R1 OPTIMUM OEp Series Brake Pads Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Formulation – equal or betterperformance, without the Original Equipment Manufacturer prices. R1 Concepts Brake Hardware Kit Reduces noise/vibration and prevents premature pad wear.Recommended replacement with every brake […]

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11 Signs Indicating That Your Brakes Need Service

Often neglected, but one of the most crucial components on your vehicles are the brakes. Paying attention to the warning signs that indicate a need for service can mean the difference between life and death on the road. Here are 11 signs that your brakes need to be checked:  1) The brake pedal pulsates as […]

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Warning Signs that You Need Your Brakes Checked

                Brakes are overlooked and often neglected, but they’re certainly one of the most crucial parts that you need to maintain. Most cars use what are known as disc brakes. A hydraulic system filled with brake fluid triggers a set of padded clamps known as calipers, causing them […]

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