Car Washing Tips

If you own a vehicle then I am sure that you have washed it before.  Many people simply water, rinse and dry their cars and do not even completely wash it properly.  Here are some tips too help you have a cleaner car.  One mistake many people do is to wash with detergent or dishwashing soap.  These can actually damage your cars paint finish.  You should use soap specifically made for cars.  They only cost a few dollars and will actually clean your car better without damaging the paint.  It is also a good idea to pre-wash some areas on your car such as in spots where there is road tar, dead bugs or bird droppings.  Special solvents can be purchased also but you can try baking soda and water but be sure that the baking soda is completely dissolved.  Many people also do not wax their car.  Waxing should at least be once every 3 months. One last thing is that you should do is to wash your car in the shade if possible.  Water can be dried up quite quickly especially in the summer time and this results into leaving calcium spots on your car (the small white spots).  This can be a pain to clean but there are also substances that you can purchase at a local parts store to help get rid of them.  There is also a lot useful way to clean up the interior but I will get to that another time.  Hope these tips help you keep your car squeaky clean.


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