CAR REVIEW: Design Beauty, the 2008 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

When I come in the morning to work and do my read on the daily news and sports to settle in for the morning before I start my work day, I stumbled on a car article featuring the 10 most beautiful cars currently for sale in the world. It did not surprise me that 9 out of 10 cars were European. One car that stood out like an eye sore was the 2008 Alfa Romeo Competizione, a sheer brilliance in car design. When it comes to elegant cars I can’t help but to think European. I think European car designers have a more sophisticated and “clean” look to their designs, a beauty that attracts not only the prestige upper class but anyone who gets a chance to see one. The competizione is a prime example of that classic European elegance.

I was thinking to myself when I took the first glance at the car, this car looks like 3 or 4 other exotic cars combine in one. The funny thing is that the car is derived from 3 or 4 other car manufacturers. The Competizione uses a modified Maserati platform and powertrian. The engine bay is equipped with a Ferrari/Maserati derived 90 cross-plane dry-sump lubricated 4.7 liter V8 assembled by Ferrari. The engine performance figures to about 450 hp at 7000 rpm. The Alfa Romero also comes with the “F1 style” six speed transaxle gearbox levers which located behind the steering wheel. To hold down the vehicle, Alfa Romeo equips the Competizione with 20 inch wheels: 245/35 at the front and 285/35 at the rear. Performance numbers are 0-60 mph at 4.2 seconds, and quarter mile time at 12.4 seconds. According to Road and Track, this car can top 190mph.

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