Can You Guess What Restaurant This Is?

Can you guess what restaurant this is?

Pizza Hut in The Hague

Ok, I will give you a hint, its fast food…

That Ceiling!

There food menu serves no buns…

Back Dining Room

It is an American Franchise…

Where Your Royal Pizza Will be Served

If you gone this far without guessing what restaurant this is then I’ll just give you the answer.


Yes, Pizza Hut! Can you believe it? Did you guess it? (most have not)

Please Wait to be Seated

This restaurant is located in the Netherlands  historic Den Haag, instead of tearing down the royal building, they turned it into a Pizza Hut (Annie Scott,

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  1. Andrew Mendez December 21, 2009 at 8:47 pm #

    I would of never guessed it… Keep up the good work guys

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