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Braking with ABS vs Non ABS

Nowadays, most vehicle on the road is equipped with ABS braking system.  A lot of people are unaware of what it stands for or how it really works.  Anti-lock braking system is what keeps your vehicle from skidding when applying the brakes hard.

The advantages of having ABS in an emergency braking situation, is that the brakes will not lock up but instead pumps the brakes simultaneously to prevent the car from skidding. With the ABS system, you will have more control over the steering wheel compared to a Non ABS braking system when you are doing a hard stop.

If you’re still wondering if you have ABS or Non ABS for your vehicle, you can recognize it under hard braking by feeling a pulsation throughout the whole car. What your brake calipers  and brake pads are basically doing is grabbing  and releasing your rotor about 20 times per second.

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