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Brake Rotors Conversion Patterns: 4 or 5 Lugs

If you’re doing a custom brake system on your vehicle, we can drill a custom bolt / lug pattern on the brake rotors to make it fit. We’ve done many lug patterns for classic cars, classic trucks, & hot rods. These Riders are usually trying to convert the rear drums to rear brake discs. They usually find all the parts but are stuck with having non matching lug patterns on the rotors to their.


Again, R1 Concepts can drill the right bolt patterns on the rotors to make them fit. We commonly drill 4 by 114.3mm lug pattern on 5 lugs by 114.3mm for 240sx to 300zx conversion brake kits. We’ve drilled many different lug patterns on the rear Ford Explorers and plus Lincoln Mark IIs. The Ford Mustang Cobra rotors are commonly used to make custom big brake kits because they are 13″ diameter rotors. The Cobra rotors comes in 5 by 4.5” lug pattern, and many other car makes & models have different lug pattern.




We also drill the correct bolt/lug size hole so they fit tight and won’t wobble.


Our pricing for custom lug drill pattern on a rotor is $20.00. The bolt patterns are precision CNC drilled and perfect fitment. If you have any question about what lug patterns we can drill just send us a email to sales@r1concepts.com or call us TOLL FREE 1-888-R1CONCEPTS.

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2 Responses to Brake Rotors Conversion Patterns: 4 or 5 Lugs

  1. shawn July 1, 2008 at 11:22 am #

    im looking for some type of application list for vehicles that have a 4.5 lug pattern like my nissan altima 05

  2. Tek July 1, 2008 at 12:59 pm #


    I will contact you shortly and see specifically what application rotors you’re looking for. Thanks!


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